The smart phones are so much in use today almost every person owns his/her own phones. Similarly iPhones are a trend these days and it slows down after few months of use. Are you also tired of your slow and poor iPhone’s performance? Is it as fast as the day you bought it? Are you looking to find the solutions for iPhone’s speed and performance issues. Let us discuss some of the tips to increase iPhone’s performance and avoid it getting slow with the passage of time.

speed up iphone

Close the Unused Background Apps

Try to close all those apps that are not in use. Running the applications in background slows down your iPhone. To close the apps double click the home key and you will see all the running apps. Swipe them up to close the apps and try to run only those apps you are currently using.

Clear the RAM

RAM is the random access memory and when an application is running it is allocates memory in RAM. When more apps are running they take lot of RAM or maybe all of you iPhone’s RAM has been allocated while running multiple apps. It slows down you phone until you free up the RAM. You can close the apps but sometimes only closing the app does not free the memory taken by those apps. Therefore you have to refresh the RAM by press and hold down the Power button. When you see ‘Slide to Power off’, press the Home key for 5 seconds until your home screen is back. It refreshes the RAM but you can also restart your iPhone to clear up the RAM.

Reduce Animations

Apple introduced parallax effects on iOS 7 and later which includes cool motions and animation effects. Whenever you try to open an app it causes RAM and processor to work more. Therefore it is better to turn it off to avoid slowing down of your iPhone. To turn it off go to Settings> General> Accessibility and toggle On Reduce Motion.

Delete Unused Apps analysing the Space taken

You can also view the apps and the space they have taken in memory. You might not want to keep the apps that take more memory space. Go to Settings >General >Storage & iCloud Usage> Manage Storage. You can view here the list of apps with the amount of space they have taken. Now after analysing the space the apps have taken you may not want to keep some of the apps. Therefore you can delete those apps by tapping on them and then tap ‘Delete App’.

Turn off Automatic Updates

Updating your iPhone is important but when it is continuously looking for updates it slows down your iPhone. This feature automatically updates your iPhone whether you want it or not. To avoid it you have to disable the automatic update feature in your iPhone. Go to Setting >iTunes & App Store. Under Automatic Downloads there is Upload option, toggle it Off to avoid automatic updating.

Delete iMessages

The iMessages take a lot of space in memory which eventually slows down your iPhone. You can check the space taken by iMessgaes by going to Settings >General >Storage & iCloud Usage> Manage Storage. When iMessages have taken more than 1GB of space then it is time to delete the older messages. Go to Settings> Messages> Keep Messages. Now on keep messages choose from 30 days or 1 year, it will keep the messages within the time frame you have chosen and will delete the older messages.

Restoring the iPhone

When all of above processes do not work to speed up your phone then it is the time to restore your phone. Restoring the iPhone updates the phone to latest iOS to your device. Don’t forget to back up your device using iTunes so that after restoring the iPhone you can back up your data from there. You can click here to learn how to restore the iPhone using iTunes. It will make your device as new as you bought it.