When you are using your iPhone and you want to capture a screenshot some important thing from any application, any picture or important data. It could be little tricky for you if you are not familiar in taking screenshot before. You can follow these steps to take screenshots on your iPhone.

screenshots on iphone

Taking Screenshot on iPhone 6 series and up

  • Open the page you want to take the screenshot, it could be any webpage, any text document or screenshot of any part of the application.
  • For iPhone 6 series and up versions you have to hold on the Power button and on/off button on right side of the iPhone.
  • Hold on both buttons at the same time. Don’t keep on holding the home button for too long it will activate Siri and holding on/off for too long will send your device to sleep mode.
  • Press the button correctly and it will take the screenshot by playing the sound of camera shutter and screen flashes white.

Where Screenshots are saved

Once you took the screenshot it is saved somewhere in your iPhone. You can find the screenshot in photos app of your device. To view them you have to,

  • Go to the Photos app.
  • Check if you are in album mode. If not click on Album icon on bottom bar.
  • You can view your screenshot in Camera Roll or you can also find them in album named Screenshots.
  • You can tap them to view, edit or share the screenshot.

How to Share a Screenshot

To share the screenshot with someone or in any other application you have to,

  • Go to the Photos app.
  • Check the screenshot in Camera Roll or Screenshots
  • Click on the screenshot after you find it and click on the sharing button you will find in the bottom left corner.
  • Choose the application in which you want to share the screenshot.
  • It will open the application you choose to share the screenshot and you can share the screenshot there.