There are several ways to protect your web privacy. Firstly, you must know about the web privacy and threats to web privacy. Many web browsers are available in market to ensure that their web privacy is best. You must always choose the best web browser whose privacy suits you the most. I personally prefer Google Chrome. But you must also have to use common sense to prevent from web threats.

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Web privacy is basically a discretion provided by web browsers or you can say that non personal identifying information. Means that no one can have access to our personal information from your web browsers. Even though web browsers are trying their best to prevent from these threats, but still there are many threats to your web privacy.

Common ways to protect your web privacy

There are many ways to protect your web browsers. You just have to use common sense while browsing on any browser. Following are the common ways to protect your web privacy.

Keep away from online forum

If you have open a new site and you don’t know about it much. It is asking for your email and password. Try to avoid the forum because it may be spam and can threaten your personal data. You must give your credentials to those online companies who are verified and used on a large scale like Roblox, Mine craft or an educational site.

But if you really need to enter this site which you don’t know much then I have a solution for you. You can create a new account of Gmail or Outlook. But keep sure that your new account does not contain any personal information about you or your relatives.

Clear search History

After using any web browser, ensure that you must delete the web history of that browser. It will help to clean your web browser time to time. It is great for your web privacy. Or you can clear browsed data which will help to clean all cookies, history and much more.

Log out from websites when you are Done

For enjoying the features of social platform it is necessary to create account or simply log in to your account. After using these platforms, you must always log out from the websites of social platform like Facebook, twitter and Gmail etc. It is indeed great for your web privacy to Log out after using any search engine or any social platform.

Be careful About What you are Downloading

You must be absolutely careful about what you are downloading. The reason behind is that when you download something it may contain a malware file in it. This malware file can damage your computer and can interfere in your privacy. So be careful when you are downloading videos, picture and other apps etc.