iCloud refers to all the services that Apple provides to its users through internet. iCloud helps to keep all of your Apple devices synchronized. The different apps are shared between different Apple devices. When your iPhone and Mac are connected to the iCloud then the pictures taken from your iPhone can also be seen on Mac. iCloud synchronizes everything like iTunes, contacts, messages, media, calendar, notes and reminders as well as your safari bookmarks.

iCloud Drive

You can have 5GB free space in your iCloud provided by Apple. The space over the internet used to store your documents and pictures are called iCloud drive and can be accessed by multiple devices. You cn also upgrade the iCloud storage space by buying more iCloud Storage space. This data stored in this cloud storage can not only be accessed from other Apple devices but can also be accessed from windows by logging in to iCloud.com. You can make a document in your iPhone and can open that in your Mac and edit and update it. You can see the document in iPhone is also updated.

iCloud Photo Library

Whenever you take photos My Photo Stream uploads it to the cloud and you can see them in other devices signed up for My Photo Stream service. However it is not a good deal when you find that the photos disappears from the cloud. Therefore Apple introduces iCloud Photo Library which is the new version of My Photo Stream. It holds every photo and you can have them anytime you want without the fear of losing any of them. However the iCloud photo Library is not the part of iCloud drive but it is still a useful service provided by Apple to keep your Photos in the iCloud.

Synchronization of Devices

You can synchronize different apps like emails, calendar, notes, bookmarks and reminder etc. using iCloud. If you want to see the calendar entities of your iPhone in your Mac, you can turn on the Calendar in the iCloud section of your Mac’s settings.

Setup on an iOS Device

what is icloud

To setup iCloud in your iPhone, you have to go to the Settings app in your iPhone. Then select iCloud and then enter your Apple ID and password. Once you login with your Apple ID then you can see the various apps to synchronize between devices. Like the email, calendar, notes, reminders etc. Toggle them to On which ever apps you want to synchronize between the devices.

Setup on Mac

what is icloud

Go to the Apple icon on the top left of the screen and choose System Preferences. Click on iCloud and enter your Apple ID and password. Now tick the services you want to synchronize between the devices.