Whenever a new iPhone comes to market, people become crazy to buy new iPhone. However before buying a new iPhone there comes a task to sell your iPhone. Before selling your iPhone you have to make it sure that your iPhone has no more data and it is ready to be sold. Before making it ready to sell you have to do little task of wiping your data from your old phone so that it is not misused anywhere. Therefore to wipe off your data from your iPhone you have to keep in mind some of really important tasks. You have to checkout what to do before selling iPhone.

Backup your Data

The first thing to do is to create a backup of all the data in your iPhone. You should backup all your important data including your photos, contact numbers, your emails and all your personal data. You should have a backup of all the data before erasing the data and making it ready to sell. There are two ways you can use to backup the data. You can backup your iPhone using iCloud, see here how to backup iPhone using iCloud.

There is another option of backup your data to iTunes. You have to connect your iPhone to Mac, and you have to launch iTunes and click on your iPhone. From the summary tab you have to enable the option ‘Backup this device to the computer’ and then synchronize your iPhone. It will create the backup of all your data to your Mac.

Delete Photos and Apps

Before resetting your iPhone it is better to delete the most personal information and data manually. You have to delete the photos in your phone after you backup your iPhone. And also try to delete all the apps most importantly those which have your personal information and passwords associated with them. Make sure you delete all of them.

Turn off iMessage

You have to turn off iMessages from your iPhone. To turn off the iMessage you have to,

what to do before selling iphone

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Go to Messages.
  • In Messages you can find iMessage you have to toggle it off.

Turn off Find My iPhone

You have to turn off the Find my iPhone option. It is really important to turn off this feature before selling your iPhone.

Sign out of iCloud and iTunes

This is really important step to take before you give away your iPhone. You have to sign out the iCloud and iTunes and most data is removed automatically when you sign out of iCloud. To sign out of iCloud account you have to go to iCloud and click on your account ID. Now you have to click on Sign out and you will be logged out of iCloud account.

Now to sign out of iTunes you have to,

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap on iTunes & App Store.
  • Click on your Apple ID.
  • Now tap on Sign out.

Reset your iPhone

You can reset the iPhone, it means you are erasing all the data and factory resetting the phone. The resetting makes the iPhone as new as it came out of factory without any data at all. Therefore to perform the factory reset you have to,

what to do before selling iphone

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Now tap on General.
  • Find Reset and click on it.
  • Click on Erase all Content and Settings.
  • You will see a message that this will erase all media and data, and reset all the settings.
  • You have to tap on Erase iPhone.

Now you iPhone will be reset and it will boot again.