Apple has announced its new update macOS High Sierra in June for MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. As the name implies it’s the advanced version of macOS Sierra. The macOS High Sierra has lots of fixes of previous version and also comes with lots of exciting new features. Let us have an overview of some of the features of macOS High Sierra.

macOS high sierra

HEVC Support

High efficiency video coding (also known as H.265) is the newest feature supported in macOS High Seirra. This feature allows you to stream videos in high band width and compresses the video much faster and efficiently. It compresses the video 40% more than H.264 the standard that we have been using right now. This will enable the video to stream video much faster and smoother and takes less space.

Apple File System

Apple has introduced a new file system called Apple File System (APFS). The old file system of Apple called Hierarchical File System has been introduced years ago and it has only been updated to storage and retrieve files fast and efficiently but never changed it completely. Apple File system is much more organised in terms of storing data and in terms of keeping track of every bit of data. The APFS is much more efficient in terms of duplicating files, encryption, crash protection and data retrieval will be really fast.

Metal 2

Apple has introduced Metal 2 the new version of Apple’s Metal graphics API. With its new API Apple focuses on GPU support, machine learning and provides better graphics almost 10 times more. It provides more powerful tools for the developers and the graphics will be more powerful than the previous Metal. It is opening the gates for virtual reality and will enable Apple users to experience the virtual reality for the very first time in Mac.

Applications Update

The Apple has also updated many apps in macOS High Sierra like photos, safari and mail etc. The Photos app has been improved with many new editing tools and filters. Similarly the Safari has been improved with the tracking prevention using machine learning. Siri has been updated with more natural voice rather than the robotic voice and it is also able to connect to Apple music and ease you in finding your kind of music.

64-bits Apps

Apple has announced that the 32-bits software will be no longer supported by Apple. From 2018 onwards all the apps submitted to Apple should be of 64-bits because Apple will be no longer supporting the 32-bit apps in macOS. Therefore the developers and users of apps should consider the 64 bit apps is the furture of apps. The users should update the apps to 64-bit is workable in your new macOS.