Windows 10 creator update is ready to release out. Most of the people are thinking what is it? Microsoft is testing some enhanced features in windows 10 which will surely increase the value and usage of windows 10. Moreover, windows 10 creator update is for competing with other operating systems.

Microsoft is releasing windows 10 creator update on 11th April, 2017. This update from Microsoft is ensuring that they are not working to increase production of apps instead they are working to provide better facilities and enhanced working experience.

Some Features of Windows 10 Creator Update

In this update of Microsoft, you can experience multiple things ranging from gaming to your high level privacy. Like you can build 3d models with its new paint 3d app. Microsoft is providing much more facilities in windows 10 creator update which are discussed below.

Setting up Cortana

After the release of windows 10 you have switched to windows 10 or you have just bought a brand new laptop with windows 10 preinstalled. It will ask to allow him access microphone and other through which it can respond and take respond for settings like Wi-Fi and other accessories features.

It always depends on you. You can allow him or you can deny him to use your microphone and other accessories. You can do it manually by yourself. When doing it manually you can always make your windows 10’s Wi-Fi connection as Metered.

3D Painting

Windows 10 creator update also provides the facility to paint with three dimensional objects with the help its brand new app Paint 3D. at first when I heard its name I wasn’t much interested but when I open it and saw some of the built in images of cat, dog, men and women. Basically you can see these are some canvas for making doodles like google do on every big occasion.

Windows 10 Creator Update

Its interface is full of starkness. This app also provides multiple features like 3D objects, 2d stickers, Text, brush tools and Remix 3D. Means to say that this thing is fully features because drawing 3D with simple methods isn’t easy. For making images smooth and sharp from edges there are also some facilities.

High Gaming Experience

In creator’s update Microsoft is trying his best to enhance gaming experience. They have tried simple and unique method by allowing Xbox to utilize the both CPU and GPU resources of the system. It will automatically reduce the task ongoing behind and reduces other apps consuming resources.

One of its great feature on Xbox is beam streaming means that we can play games live with our friends. We have to enable this mode on game by game basis but in future publisher’s will do it automatically.

Enable Night light

Windows 10 creator update is allowing to control night light with its built in feature F.lux. you can decrease light in night. Comparatively you can decrease blue light in sunlight so you don’t get any problem to your eyes as well as your gaming experience. But the main thing is that you won’t have to use the software from third party for this purpose.

Allowing Picture-on-picture

Microsoft is allowing to pop picture or you can say a new screen on a working app. While you are watching movies, TV shows and others, you don’t need to close the app. The new screen will automatically appear after windows 10 creator update. You can also receive skype calls easily.

Dynamic Bluetooth locking

This is brand new feature for locking the screen of windows. It’s really simple just connect the Bluetooth of another device like cell phone with computer windows. when you are not using laptop or device in which windows 10 is pre-installed and your phone is too far away from laptop. Then it will automatically lock your system screen which is indeed great for your privacy.

Improvements in Microsoft edge

Another new improvement in edge by Microsoft is that you can take the tab a side. Its type of taking screen shot of tab but you can open it when you need it. It is a lot helpful when you use multiple tabs at a same time. Microsoft is also adding e-book support which will helpful for viewing videos. You can purchase it from windows store and sample 360.