Microsoft provides a solution for the PC to fight against viruses and malware. Microsoft has its own protection against spyware called Windows Defender. It protects your PC or laptop from unwanted programs. Every Microsoft windows after the XP has Window Defender. Now the latest version of Windows Defender provides protection against malware as well.

Windows Defender and Antiviruses

Whenever you have installed any trial versions of antivirus then your Windows Defender must be turned off. It is because both of them may conflict with each other and cause some error while protecting the system. So it is better you keep the Windows Defender off during this process.

Checking Windows Defender

To protect your PC always keep your Microsoft Windows defender turned on. To see if the Windows Defender is protecting your PC you have to check either it is turned on or off. You can see a shield icon on the task bar, if windows defender is turned off then this icon will have a small cross on the right bottom.

However if you didn’t find any shield icon then you can type Defender on the search bar and click on the Defender to launch the Defender app. The defender if it is turned off, you can see an alarm message in red colour that ‘Real time protection is turned off. You should turn it on.’ At the end you can find Turn on button. So when the defender is not protecting your PC you can see a lot of red colour in the app. But in case when the defender is on but still you can see some reds then it means you need to update the Defender.

windows defender

Turn on Windows Defender

One reason of your defender to be off could be that you have some other antivirus running in PC. Before turning it on you need to uninstall any previous installed antivirus. You can access the defender app by following the above described method. When the defender app opens you can click on Turn on button. It will turn on the defender and it will start to scan your PC. There are three scanning options quick scan, full or custom scan.

You can see the settings tab to check which type of protection the defender is running on PC either real-time or excluded files and locations etc. You can update the defender from the Update tab and view history from the History tab.